Austal awarded Navy Cape class sustainment contract

Australian Defence Vessel Cape Fourcroy departs HMAS Coonawarra to conduct continuation training as part of Operation Resolute.The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has awarded Austal a three-year sustainment contract worth up to $18 million for its two leased Cape class patrol boats, ADV Cape Fourcroy and ADV Cape Inscription.

“We are very pleased to have received this vote of confidence from the Royal Australian Navy. We have invested heavily in people, software tools and our facilities in Cairns, Darwin and Henderson in recent years to develop the capability to deliver this service” Austal CEO, David Singleton said earlier this week.

Austal’s 58 metre Cape class patrol boat was designed and built to meet the unique border protection and maritime security requirements of the Australian Border Force and Royal Australian Navy.

“The deployment of Austal’s patrol boats by the Commonwealth will allow export opportunities for Australia by effectively showcasing the vessel with a world-class Navy. Austal is constantly pursuing opportunities for the Cape class patrol boats and Pacific patrol boats to potential overseas customers,” Singleton said.

“Exports derived from defence programs, like Cape, highlight the potential ‘multiplier effect’ on local job creation, where Australian suppliers are engaged to deliver both domestic and international contracts,” Singleton said.

“Austal has always operated with an export focus, and four out of every five ships we build are for the international market.”

Austal is currently partnered with Fassmer, bidding for the $3 billion Offshore Patrol Vessel Project and has also signed a teaming agreement with ASC Shipbuilding to offer a local Australian shipbuilding solution for the $35 billion Future Frigate Project.