Down to the Wire

With the SEA 5000 Future Frigate decision believed to be imminent, we summarise the contenders The competition for Australia’s new Project SEA 5000 warships is drawing to a close, with bids in and considered, and a decision reportedly set to be announced during the life of this issue. Whatever the ultimate outcome, Australia will end up with nine advanced warships and a … [Read more...]

Lockheed Martin Australia opens new Canberra office

Lockheed Martin Australia’s new head office has been officially opened in a newly outfitted building in Canberra’s parliamentary triangle, close to its main customer, the federal government and Defence. The official opening was performed by Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne who said Lockheed Martin was a great partner with the government in defending Australia and … [Read more...]

CEA and DST Group sign collaboration agreement

Canberra-based radar company CEA Technologies has signed a formal agreement with the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group to collaborate on the development of next generation radar. CEA already produces world leading solid state phased array radars which are in service on the Navy’s Anzac class frigates and which are mandated for use on the nine Future Frigates under … [Read more...]

FIRST CONTACT – The Royal Australian Navy has taken its first tentative steps into unmanned aerial system operations.

Flying unnoticed over the busy Gulf of Oman, a little Aussie UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) spots a suspicious vessel. Maybe it’s just a trading show of the type that has sailed these waters for centuries. Or maybe it’s carrying drugs, weapons or terrorists. Live video from the UAV is examined aboard a distant Australian warship where it will be decided if a closer look is … [Read more...]

AWD TO DDG – The Air Warfare Destroyer program has cause to celebrate with the commissioning of HMAS Hobart.

They are far and away the most expensive and complex surface warships Australia has ever owned, sleek and lethal greyhounds of the ocean, able to defend against air, and perhaps eventually, ballistic missile attack. The first of three new Hobart-class air warfare destroyers (AWDs), HMAS Hobart, was officially commissioned on September 23, a proud occasion when the white … [Read more...]