BAE Systems highlights proposed Future Frigate knowledge transfer

GCS_A_0487BAE Systems and the UK government have committed to what the company says would be an “unprecedented” transfer of intellectual property if the Global Combat Ship-Australia is selected for SEA 5000.

More than 5,000 ‘work years’ of technical design worth $1.5 billion would be transferred to Australia, BAE Systems stated.

“The transfer of data and the digital design of one of the world’s most sophisticated ships will support the development of a continuous naval shipbuilding capability in Australia, ensuring that local industry can build the fleet of nine Future Frigates,” the company stated.

“It will also ensure they can be upgraded and supported during their decades of service. The unprecedented transfer of intellectual property will also include all ship parts, materials, systems and subsystems used to build the Type 26 frigate.

“With this knowledge, Australian industry will gain the know-how needed to both build and optimise the ship over its life, potentially improving its stealth, flexibility and performance with bespoke local innovation and technology.”

The proposed Global Combat Ship-Australia is based on the Type 26 being manufactured for the Royal Navy.