BAE Systems to operate F-35 regional warehouse at Williamtown

WGCDR Darren Clare taxies back to park in A35-002 after his first flight in an F-35A Lightning IIBAE Systems Australia is set to host a regional warehouse for the F-35 Lightning II at RAAF Base Williamtown serving the Asia Pacific.

The assignment of the role by the US government is estimated to be worth more than $300 million to Australian industry over the life of the program, Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne stated.

“The warehouse will provide spares to all operational units in the region, whether the Joint Strike Fighter squadrons are from Australia or visiting squadrons on deployment from other parts of the world,” Minister Pyne said.

The warehouse will be based near the airframe depot where BAE Systems will provide a heavy maintenance and sustainment capability for the F-35.

There are further opportunities available in the program, with assignments for the repair of the second tranche of air vehicle components expected to be announced next year, Minister Pyne said.