BUDGET 2017 – Upgrades for AWD, P-8 amongst planned project approvals


Fifty-seven acquisition and estate projects under the Integrated Investment Program will be considered by government for approval in 2017-18, the budget papers show.

The Portfolio Budget Statements for Defence list 20 projects to be considered by government for first pass approval and 37 for second pass approval in the coming financial year.

Projects slated for first pass approval include LAND 400 Phase 3, which seeks to acquire up to 450 infantry fighting vehicles to replace the Army’s M113AS4 armoured personnel carriers; an AEGIS capability upgrade for the Navy’s forthcoming Air Warfare Destroyers under SEA 4000 Phase 6, likely to be the new Aegis Baseline 9 standard; upgrades for the RAAF’s P-8A Poseidon maritime surveillance aircraft currently under delivery to the forthcoming Increment 3 standard (which will improve the aircraft’s abilities to search and track submarines and surface ships, as well as improving signals intelligence and networking capabilities); and upgrades to the Navy’s Anzac frigates’ CEAFAR radar under SEA 5010 Phase 1.

First Pass approvals planned for 2017-18
Project Number Project Title
JP 2089 Phase 4 Tactical Information Exchange Domain (Data Links) – Upgrade
JP 9131 Phase 1 Defensive Cyberspace Operations (DCO) for the Deployed Environment
JP 2030 Phase 9 ADF Joint Command Support Environment – Geospatial and Intelligence Integration
JP 2085 Phase 2/3W Explosive Ordnance Warstock – Munitions and Complex GW
JP 9320 Phase 1 Joint Force Level Electronic Warfare (JFLEW) – Geolocation
LAND 555 Phase 6 Land Force Level Electronic Warfare Signals Intelligence and Vehicles
SEA 5010 Phase 1 Active Electronically Scanned Array – Continuous Development Program
JP 2060 Phase 4 ADF Deployable Health Knowledge Management System
ICT 2273 Phase 1 Maritime Fleet Information Environment (FIE) Modernisation Program
ICT 2270 Phase 1 21st Century Security Vetting
SEA 1350 Phase 2 Navy Magnetic Treatment Facility
LAND 8140 Phase 2 Deployable Force Infrastructure
LAND 400 Phase 3 Land Combat Vehicle System
LAND 8120 Phase 1 Engineer Support Platforms Program
LAND 125 Phase 4 Integrated Soldier System
SEA 500 Phase 3 Navy Tactical Electronic Warfare Remediation
SEA 4000 Phase 6 AEGIS Capability Upgrade
SEA 2400 Phase 1 Hydrographic Data Collection Capability
AIR 7000 Phase 2C Maritime Patrol Aircraft Replacement – P-8 Increment 3 (12 Aircraft)
ESTATE Z009P Keswick Barracks Mid Term Refresh

No fewer than 37 projects are planned for Second Pass (ie final) approval in 2017-18, including a decision between the BAE Systems Hagglunds CV9035 and the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles’ Boxer combat reconnaissance vehicles under Phase 2 of LAND 400; Phase 1 of the SEA 1180 Offshore Patrol Vessels and SEA 5000 Future Frigrate programs, upgrades for the Tiger ARH under LAND 9000 Phase ARHCAP; weapons and countermeasures for the RAAF’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighters under AIR 6000 Phase 3; and the likely acquisition of the Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton under the AIR 7000 Phase 1B Multi-mission Unmanned Aircraft System program.

Second Pass approvals planned for 2017-18
Project Number Project Title
LAND 9000 Phase ARHCAP Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter Capability Assurance Program or replacement (ARH CAP)
LAND 4502 Phase 1 Additional Chinook Helicopters (facilities component)
AIR 555 Phase 1 AP-3C (EW) Replacement
AIR 2025 Phase 6 Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN)
LAND 1771 Phase 1 Geospatial Support System for Land Force
JP 9340 Phase 1 Integrated Broadcast Service – Interactive radios for AWD,LHD, Northroc, Eastroc, MHQ
JP 2064 Phase 3 E2 Geospatial Information, Infrastructure and Services (Evolution 2)
JP 9711 Phase 1 Core Simulation Capability
SEA 3035 Phase 1 Navy Training Pipeline Simulation Requirements
ICT 2284 Phase 1 Enterprise Information Management Acquisition
ICT 2203 Phase 1 Mobility and Digitisation
ICT 2216 Phase 1 Case Management Systems
ICT 2221 Phase 1 Multinational Information Systems (MNIS)
ICT 2201 Phase 1 Enterprise Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)
ICT 2047 JP 2047 Phase 3 Terrestrial Communications RCI
LAND 17 Phase 1C.2 Future Artillery Ammunition
LAND 8115 Phase 1 Mortar Ammunition Replacement
LAND 121 Phase 5B Overlander – Medium and Heavy Tactical Training Vehicles
LAND 154 Phase 2 Joint Counter Improvised Explosive Device Capability
LAND 400 Phase 2 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability
SEA 1180 Phase 1 Offshore Patrol Vessel
SEA 5000 Phase 1 Future Frigate (Design and Construction)
AIR 7000 Phase 1B Multi-mission Unmanned Aircraft System
SEA 1439 Phase 6 Collins Sonar Capability Assurance
SEA 1354 Phase 1 Submarine Escape Rescue & Abandonment Systems
SEA 1397 Phase 5B Nulka Missile Decoy Enhancements
AIR 6000 Phase 3 Weapons and Countermeasures for Air Combat Capability
AIR 6013 Phase 1 Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast capability for Hawk Lead-in Fighter
AIR 3023 Phase 1 Enhanced Maritime Strike for the Air Combat Capability
ESTATE N2238 Facilities to Support Naval Operations in the North
ESTATE J0109P Larrakeyah Barracks Redevelopment, Darwin (include Norforce)
ESTATE C8923 Point Wilson Explosive Ordnance Storage & Distribution
ESTATE P0007 Airfield Capital Works
ESTATE N2232 HMAS Watson Redevelopment
ESTATE N2241 Navy Guided Weapon Sustainment System (NGWSS) Remediation & Augmentation of Missile Testing & Maint Facilities
ESTATE D9541 DSTO-E Secure Training and Conference Facilities and DSTO-E Restricted Corporate Information Systems Centre
ESTATE J0105 Joint Health Command (JHC) Redevelopments (Puckapunyal, Duntroon, Watsonia, Darwin, Enoggera, Albury/Wodonga, Campbell, Larrakeyah Barracks)


The Portfolio Budget Statements note that the Integrated Investment Program, first released in February 2016 alongside the 2016 Defence White Paper “has been reviewed and updated to reflect the best available information in respect to project planning, delivery reality, cost estimates, phasing, and other important judgments and assumptions critical to the delivery of the capital investment portfolio.”

However the budget does not mention when or if the updated IIP will be publicly released.