Coming home

Australia stakes its claim as the Asia Pacific hub for Joint Strike Fighter sustainment, as the F-35 prepares to make its Australian debut. Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne has vowed to continue arguing the case for Australia to act as the region’s hub for F-35 Lightning II sustainment, and intends to push for as much maintenance work as possible to be assigned … [Read more...]

Crawl, walk, Growl

Director Growler Transition Office explains how striving to successfully introduce the EA-18G airborne electronic attack capability with the RAAF, and the wider ADF, is about more than just the ‘whoosh-bang’ of missiles test-fired from a fancy new jet. Thinking through how best to go about introducing the Boeing EA-18G Growler has brought to the fore a number of opportunities … [Read more...]

Putting on a good show requires a great rivalry – how about F-35 versus Growler?

Welcome to the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition edition of Australian Defence Business Review. The scheduled arrival of Australia’s first two F-35A jets at Avalon Airport on Friday March 3 is sure to be the talk of the town. Confirmation from the Defence Minister of the planned Australian debut of the aircraft was greeted by media … [Read more...]

Defence, the budget deficit and the age of low economic growth

One of the risks of working up a new plan to drive a whole new generation of new military capability acquisitions distilled from the conclusion of a brand-new Defence White Paper is the burning issue of how the new investment program will be paid for. This was not a problem for former Prime Minister John Howard, as he spent his way through the mining boom, but really is a … [Read more...]

Roketsan takes aim at Australian opportunities

Over the years Australia has purchased kit from a diverse range of countries but never Turkey. That could change with Turkish firm Roketsan making a very serious pitch to sell us long-range stand-off missiles to be carried by the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. It’s not just Australia. The company is hoping other F-35 partner nations will buy their missile, a variant of the … [Read more...]