Defence, the budget deficit and the age of low economic growth

One of the risks of working up a new plan to drive a whole new generation of new military capability acquisitions distilled from the conclusion of a brand-new Defence White Paper is the burning issue of how the new investment program will be paid for. This was not a problem for former Prime Minister John Howard, as he spent his way through the mining boom, but really is a … [Read more...]

Roketsan takes aim at Australian opportunities

Over the years Australia has purchased kit from a diverse range of countries but never Turkey. That could change with Turkish firm Roketsan making a very serious pitch to sell us long-range stand-off missiles to be carried by the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. It’s not just Australia. The company is hoping other F-35 partner nations will buy their missile, a variant of the … [Read more...]

One careful owner – Defence releases military sales catalogue

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne has released a new Australian Military Sales Catalogue as the first step in formulating a brand new Defence Exports Policy, hot on the heels of the new Defence Industry Policy Statement and the government’s announcement of a new grants program to drive local innovation in military related technologies, As the Australian Defence Force … [Read more...]

US back at Avalon searching for novel Australian military technologies

With the United States sustaining its position as the world’s largest procurer of military equipment, and President Trump now talking of a US$50 billion boost to the US Defense budget, it might be natural to assume that all required new military capabilities would be satisfied from within the US scientific and industry base. “Not so” says a US Air Force officer who is visiting … [Read more...]

Boeing welcomes Australian defence innovation initiative

The Director of Boeing Phantom Works International (PW-I), Dr Shane Arnott, has welcomed the Australian Government’s decision to launch a major defence innovation initiative to generate new technologies related to satisfying future capability development requirements of the Australian Defence Force. The Australian Government launched last December a $1.6 billion (over 10 … [Read more...]