RAAF inducts new C-130J fuselage trainer

The RAAF’s Air Mobility Group (AMG) and 37 Squadron based at Richmond west of Sydney have inducted a new C-130J-30 Hercules fuselage trainer (FuT). Designed by CAE and built by Richmond’s Airbus Group Australia Pacific workforce from two long-retired C-130E fuselage hulks and new components from Lockheed Martin, the C-130J fuselage trainer will be operated by CAE. It will … [Read more...]

Airbus close to first flight of VSR700 VTUAS

Airbus is reportedly close to conducting the first autonomous flight of its VSR700 vertical takeoff unmanned aerial systems (VTUAS). The aircraft is a 700kg unmanned development of the manned Guimbal Cabri G2 light helicopter, and is designed for the maritime UAS market for employment from surface vessels or for land-based operations. An optionally-piloted flight was … [Read more...]

USAF conducts Joint Strike Missile testing

The USAF has recently conducted a series of testing phases with the Kongsberg Joint Strike Missile (JSM) at Edwards AFB. Designed as an air-launched derivative of the surface launched Naval Strike Missile (NSM) specifically to be carried in the internal weapons bay of the F-35A and C models, the JSM trials were conducted using Edwards-based F-16s from the 416th Flight Test … [Read more...]

Germany signs with Airbus for Heron TP UAS

Germany’s Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has signed a contract with Airbus for the provision and operation of five IAI Heron TP unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The contract leverages off an existing agreement between the two entities for the operation of Germany’s Heron I capability for which Airbus is … [Read more...]

Pratt & Whitney proposes advanced F135 engine for F-35

Pratt & Whitney has proposed the development of an upgrade to the F-35’s F135 engine that could add more useable power while reducing fuel consumption. Dubbed Growth Option 2.0, the new engine would utilise a more advanced power and thermal management system through new compressor and turbine technologies that would provide more thrust and efficient power. The 2.0 … [Read more...]