Australian fatigue testing technology to be tested on retired US Navy helicopter

The US Navy has supplied a retired Seahawk helicopter for Australian Defence scientists to develop and test new fatigue testing technologies which, if successful, could significantly reduce maintenance costs and improve aircraft availability. “In a world first, Defence scientists and engineers are developing a full-scale, structural fatigue test rig that can accurately … [Read more...]

COMBAT CLOUD – Next Generation C2

By Chris McInnes Most readers will have heard or read discussions about the ‘combat cloud’. Like the white fluffy things from which its named is derived, the combat cloud can seem to be an ethereal thing – composed mostly of vapour and not necessarily establishing solid foundations upon which to build. That is a shame, particularly for the Australian Defence Force and … [Read more...]

A BIGGER SHIELD – Aegis Baseline 9 for Australia

Once the nine Project SEA 5000 Future Frigates are all in the water at the end of next decade, Australia should possess the largest fleet of Aegis-equipped vessels outside the US Navy, substantially more of the advanced vessels than operated by Japan, South Korea, Spain and Norway. From the outset, the nine Future Frigates will all be equipped with the latest configuration … [Read more...]

Raytheon GaN 360-degree AESA radar for German Patriot upgrade hits 3,000 hours

The new Raytheon 360-degree capable, gallium nitride-powered (GaN) AESA radar for a proposed upgrade to Germany’s Patriot Air and Missile Defense System recently completed 3,000 hours of operation. The company-funded system is a key element of a joint Raytheon-Rheinmetall proposal to provide a full spectrum integrated air defense solution for the German Luftwaffe. “The … [Read more...]

RAAF F-35 caught up in US F-35 delivery suspension

The Pentagon has stopped taking delivery of F-35 Lightning II fighters from Lockheed Martin, including at least one aircraft for Australia, due to unresolved corrosion issues. The corrosion reportedly resulted from a known production error in fasteners that hold composite exterior panels to the aircraft’s airframe. The issue was discovered in 2017 during depot maintenance on … [Read more...]