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Contract signed for LAND 121 Phase 5B

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia (RMMVA) and the Commonwealth have signed a $696 million contract for the provision of 1044 new medium and heavy trucks, 872 modules and 812 trailers under project LAND 121 Phase 5B.

The project, a follow-on from the initial previous Phase 3B order for 2,500 medium and heavy trucks, will complete Army’s LAND 121 vehicle replacement program commenced in 2016. The Phase 5B order was announced on July 25, and deliveries are expected to commence in 2019, for completion in 2024.

“This follow-up order is of great strategic significance to us, providing an excellent reference for other important international projects,” Rheinmetall AG CEO Armin Papperger said in a September 6 statement.

“It reflects Australia’s satisfaction with our performance and the quality of our vehicles. Rheinmetall’s latest success in the Asia-Pacific region proves that our products are at the cutting edge of technology, and that the customer see in us a proven and reliable partner, fully capable of carrying out sophisticated large-scale projects.” 

The trucks are manufactured in Europe, but their modules and other ASDF-specific systems are integrated and accepted in Brisbane.