Defence seeks proposals for Naval Shipbuilding College

071 (2)Defence has invited proposals for supporting the development and delivery of the Naval Shipbuilding College.

The college is a key initiative in the Naval Shipbuilding Plan, and is intended to attract, train and retrain naval shipbuilding workers.

“As outlined in the Naval Shipbuilding Plan, the naval shipbuilding workforce is expected to grow to around 5,200 workers by the mid- to late 2020s, with more than double this number of workers in sustainment activities, supply and related industry chains across Australia,” stated Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne.

“The release of the Request for Proposal is an important step in ensuring the required workforce is equipped with the right skills at the right time to implement the government’s ambitious naval shipbuilding program.

“The initial focus will be on key entry-level trades and will later expand to include higher education qualifications such as naval architecture and engineering.”

The RFP is due to close on July 21, and the Naval Shipbuilding College is set to commence operations in January 2018.