Navantia responds to Future Frigate RFT with F-5000

Navantia Australia's F-5000Navantia Australia has submitted its response to the Request for Tender for the Future Frigate program, offering a comprehensive plan for a leading-edge anti-submarine warfare vessel and a continuous shipbuilding industry.

The F-5000 is an evolution of the Navantia-designed Hobart class Guided Missile Destroyer.

The vessel would be designed locally to meet the specific requirements of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), and built using expertise, experience and equipment from Australia, Navantia Australia stated.

With capabilities based on the Hobart class, the F-5000 incorporates lessons learnt from the Navantia designed and built F-310 Fridtjof Nansen frigate.

The proposed SEA 5000 frigate would provide operational flexibility and force multiplication by incorporating 48 strike length missile cells, a Mk 45 5-inch gun, an advanced above-water sensor suite, and integration of the MH-60R Seahawk ‘Romeo’ naval combat helicopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle.

“By using an in-service Australian ship as our reference to build the F-5000, we will be ensuring that Australia’s future ASW frigate is able to seamlessly integrate into the RAN’s fleet and provide the savings through economies of scale for shipbuilding, training, maintenance and supply support,” said Navantia Australia spokesperson Donato Martínez.

BAE Systems and Fincantieri are also in the running.