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Royal Thai Air Force to upgrade Saab C2 systems


RTAF Saab Gripen D and 340 Erieye in flight. (Saab)

Saab has been contracted by the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) to upgrade its national command and control system.

Based on Saab’s 9AIR C4I system which has been in Thai service since 2010, the upgrade will see enhancement made through the adoption of new hardware and software that will sustain, enhance, and expand the system’s capabilities for future operations.

The system is a core part of the RTAF’s air defence capability which also includes the JAS-39C/D Gripen fighter, the Saab 340-based Erieye airborne early warning system, and tactical data links.

“This order demonstrates the competitiveness of the 9AIR C4I product,” Senior Vice President and Head of Saab’s business area Surveillance Anders Carp said in a statement. “Our advanced Air Command and Control System provides the Royal Thai Air Force with a vital part of its air defence system.”