Security Innovation Awards announced

Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited, the organiser of CIVSEC 2018 has announced a new program of national innovation awards for Australia’s Civil Security professionals.

The Awards are for Innovators in the Cyber Security, Physical Security & Policing and the Disaster Relief, Emergency Management & Humanitarian fields. These represent the ‘fourth arm’ of Australian security: the protection of communities and national populations – those vital areas which can’t be addressed by the uniformed Australian Defence Force alone.

There are two cash awards of $15,000 each, one for the most innovative Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and one for the most promising Young Innovator. They will be presented for the first time at CIVSEC 2018 which will be held in Melbourne from May 1-3.

Six awards will be presented in total for the following categories:

  • CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Cyber Security
  • CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Physical Security & Policing
  • CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Disaster Relief, Emergency Management and Humanitarian Services
  • CIVSEC 2018 Young Innovator Award
  • CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Civil Security
  • CIVSEC 2018 SME Innovation Grant for Civil Security

“The CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and reward those Australian companies, government and research organisations and individuals who are innovative in how they tackle the humanitarian and security challenges we all face,” CIVSEC 2018 CEO Ian Honnery said in a statement.

“The awards are aligned with the foundation’s mission to promote the development of Australia’s industry capacity and capability in the humanitarian and security fields.

“Civil security is a very diffuse field that embraces everything from cyber and transport security to policing, border protection, counter-terrorism, disaster relief and emergency management. We want to recognise the skills and expertise that exist within Australia and reward the highly innovative work which is being undertaken by Australian companies and individuals.”

Nominations for the CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Awards will close on 12 March 2018 with a short list of candidates drawn up by 2 April 2018. Entrants can download Eligibility Criteria, Entry Forms and a Guide to Entrants from the CIVSEC 2018 website.