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Singaporean CH-47Ds arrive at new Oakey base


(Singapore Ministry of Defence)

A detachment of five Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) CH-47D Chinooks has moved into its new facilities at the Army Aviation Training Centre at Oakey.

The Chinooks join a detachment of RSAF Super Puma helicopters which have been based at Oakey since 1996, as part of Singapore’s policy of basing elements of its forces in foreign nations due to its restricted airspace and training facilities.

The extended Oakey Treaty between the new nations reportedly sees the end of Singapore’s Peace Prairie arrangement with the US which saw the Chinooks previously based at Grand Prairie in Texas alongside elements of the Texas National Guard.

A new hangar and several shelters have been constructed at the western end of the Oakey ramp to support the Chinooks. The RSAF CH-47Ds entered service in 1996 and are scheduled to be replaced by newer CH-47Fs from 2020.