Tiger ARH reaches 2,000 hours milestone for the first time

ARH 2000 Hrs Image 01The first of the Australian Army’s Tiger ARH armed reconnaissance helicopters (A38-001) has achieved a significant milestone by flying 2,000 hours, becoming the first Tiger in the global fleet to do so.

Under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Dave Lynch, commanding officer of the School of Army Aviation, the helicopter reached the milestone on a flight from the Army Aviation Centre Oakey to Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera.

A38-001 was the first of two Tiger helicopters delivered to Army in December 2004, and is the only one in the Australian fleet that is fitted with specialist flight-test instrumentation that enables data collection for aircraft and fleet management under Australian conditions, and for weapons performance and flight envelopes, Airbus Helicopters said in a statement. The last of 22 Tigers was delivered in 2011.

“The Tiger aircraft is a potent weapon system that we have worked hard to mature to a point where it delivers the required effects on time and on target,” said LTCOL Lynch.

“The aircraft itself has best-in-class agility and manoeuvrability, which enhances our ability to employ the precise weapon effects to fight and win in either the land or amphibious environment. This agility also makes it an absolute dream to fly, as it has crisp control response and truly carefree handling characteristics, enabling greater focus on the mission.”

Tony Fraser, managing director of Airbus Group Australia Pacific, was on hand to witness the arrival of the Tiger after the momentous flight.

“On behalf of all the Airbus employees here and in Europe involved in the development, manufacture, assembly and support of Tiger, we congratulate Army on this significant achievement,” said Fraser.

ARH 2000 hrs image 03
Lieutenant Colonel Dave Lynch and Tony Fraser, managing director of Airbus Group Australia Pacific. (Airbus)