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USAF contracts Raytheon to upgrade MTS-B sensor

The USAF has awarded Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems a US$282m (A$392m) contract to upgrade the AN/DAS-4 multispectral targeting system in the MTS-B high-definition and target location turret.

Raytheon says the AN/DAS-4 multispectral system offers four high-definition cameras covering five spectral bands, a three-colour diode pump laser designator and rangefinder,laser spot search and track capability, automated sensor and laser bore sight alignment, three mode target tracker, and built in provisions for future growth.

The contract will see Raytheon provide 127 AN/DAS-4 MTS-B turrets, 40 DAS-1A to DAS-4 turret unit upgrades, initial shop replaceable unit spares, capacity increase production support, and associated data.

The AN/DAS-4 MTS-B is used on the General Atomics MQ-9B Reaper/Predator B, and is slated for use aboard the Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton HALE maritime UAS on order for the US Navy and the RAAF.