ACT establishes Defence Industry Advisory Board

Australian Army soldiers and the public look at an M1A1 Abrams tank during the Army's modernisation showcase at Russell Offices, Canberra, on 29 August 2016.
Australian Army modernisation showcase in Canberra, August 2016. (Defence)

The ACT government has formed the ACT Defence Industry Advisory Board and launched the Canberra Region Defence Industry Capability Directory in an effort to ensure that Canberra and the region benefit fully from Commonwealth spending on Defence.

Defence already injects about $3.1 billion into the Canberra region’s economy and supports about 16,800 jobs; taking related industries into account, the sector contributes about $7 billion and 30,000 jobs to the region, Chief Minister Andrew Barr stated.

The ACT Defence Industry Advisory Board, with former Chief of Air Force Geoff Brown as chair, will provide strategic advice on how to maximise the benefit to Canberra.

The ACT government has a particular interest in growing engagement in areas including space technologies, geospatial intelligence, cyber-security, health and fitness, and services that support Defence.

Former senator Kate Lundy has been appointed as ACT Defence Industry Advocate.