For over 20 years Australian Defence Business Review – ADBR – has been a trusted and independent source of information and intelligence about the development of Australian Defence and Aerospace capability. With a focus on multi-domain operations, every edition delivers long form features, independent content, and analysis of the most operationally relevant topics in the Indo-Pacific region.    

ADBR magazine is printed and published bi-monthly in Australia. It is focused on the creation of original content, providing a rich source of market intelligence, archived news and features dating back over a decade.

ADBR content includes regular Aerospace technology features, open source intelligence (OSINT), and Space capability analysis by trained, qualified, experienced and credible contributors.

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ADBR is read extensively across the following demographics:

Defence leadership

Government officials and Ministerial staffers,

National security and intelligence specialists,

Defence project officers and acquisition managers,

Senior Defence industry business executives, and

Heads of think tanks and research institutions.

Aerospace Futures

The ADBR website also hosts Australia’s first independent, integrated Air and Space long form features and analysis magazine, Aerospace Futures.

Stepping beyond aviation and news, Aerospace Futures satisfies the growing demand for a platform which provides specialist insights into the people, ideas, and technology involved in the Australian aerospace community.

Aerospace Futures will be expanding significantly in the coming weeks powered by Australia’s best and most experienced aerospace writers and analysts.

For more information please contact our award winning Managing Editor, Andrew McLaughlin, at: info@adbr.com.au