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Naval Group seeks suppliers for Future Subs

still3_blue_0000-950x415Naval Group has released Naval Group has released Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and Requests for Information (RFIs) as it seeks to build a supplier base for the SEA 1000 Future Submarine Program.

The initial round of EOIs are seeking suppliers of major equipment including electrical, fluidic, mechanical, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, and will remain open until Friday, 5 January 2018. The company says further EOIs will be released in 2018.

The RFIs are seeking suppliers of products such as castings, steel bars, alloy and steel forge parts and titanium bars, and will also remain open until Friday, 5 January 2018.

“We are seeking Australian companies to take part in the largest Defence acquisition project in Australia’s history, a project that will span 50 years,” said Brent Clark, Naval Group Australia’s Interim CEO.  “We encourage suppliers from across all industries, regardless of background and size, to review the EOIs and RFIs and let us know if they have the products and/or equipment to design and build Australia’s next generation of submarines.”

The Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne launched the EOI and RFI initiative. “The Turnbull Government is committed to a sovereign naval shipbuilding capability and this includes 12 regionally superior submarines for our Navy,” the Minister said. “These submarines will be built in Australia, by Australians, which will maximise local industry involvement in all phases of the Program.

“This is part of a wider suite of activities aimed at collecting information on industry’s capability to supply products and technologies required to manufacture and sustain the Future Submarines in Australia,” he added. “Australian industry involvement in the Future Submarine Program is expected to generate an annual average of around 2,800 jobs over the life of the Program.”

All EOIs and RFIs are to be reviewed and submitted via the Australian Government’s supplier and project portal, the Industry Capability Network –