Navantia schedules Future Frigate industry days

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 4.23.21 pm
Spanish Navy frigate Cristóbal Colón departs from Ferrol, bound for Australia. (Spanish Navy)

Navantia Australia has announced that it is seeking to engage with partners from Australian industry for the Future Frigate program, and is holding a number of forums across the country to explain how industry can get involved.

Navantia is currently participating in the Future Frigate competitive evaluation process, having been shortlisted with a redesigned F-100 frigate.

The industry days will take place in Perth (February 23), Melbourne (March 15), Adelaide (March 20), Sydney (March 24) and Brisbane (April 27). Interested companies can register their interest here.

Meanwhile, Spanish Navy frigate Cristóbal Colón is due to arrive at Fleet Base West in mid-February.

“As part of Navantia’s growth in Australia, the company is increasing engagement with Australian industry in order to fully utilise the strong capabilities of Australian industry in the Future Frigate program,” Navantia Australia stated.

“Through the combination of maximising local industry participation and transferring world-leading shipyard technology to Adelaide, Navantia will work with the Australian government to create an enduring, sovereign shipbuilding capability in Australia.

“The industry engagement represents a further development of Navantia’s already substantial Australian supply chain; through Navantia’s global supply chain, Australian industry also has access to export opportunities as part of Navantia’s shipbuilding programs around the world.”

Navantia Australia employs 100 people across four locations, and intends to open a fifth in Western Australia by 2018.