Collins class sub removed from Projects of Concern list

The Navy’s six Collins class submarines are facing a bright future with the government at last removing them from the Projects of Concern list. Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne said that means the government had full confidence in the Collins project which had suffered from damage to its reputation over the years, much of it ill-informed. “It has become an exemplar … [Read more...]

Future Submarine design taking shape

Defence and French shipbuilder Naval Group have finalised the intended length, diameter and displacement of Australia’s future submarines. Finalising key submarine dimensions enables the design process to proceed, though right now those key dimensions remain secret. Naval Group, formerly DCNS, offered a conventionally-powered variant of its Suffren class nuclear attack … [Read more...]

Aegis for SEA 5000 combat system, but role for Saab too

The government’s choice of Aegis as the combat system for the Navy’s nine Future Frigates means Australia could end up with 12 very advanced warships equipped with the capability to shoot down North Korean ballistic missiles, or those fired by anyone else. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced at PACIFIC 2017 on Tuesday that the Future Frigates would be equipped with the … [Read more...]

PM officially opens PACIFIC 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has welcomed guests, exhibitors, VIPs and a “veritable armada of admirals” from 39 navies to the 10th PACIFIC 2017 International Maritime Exhibition, declaring Australia was embarking on an ambitious and unprecedented program of naval shipbuilding. Mr Turnbull said PACIFIC 2017 was a crucially important gathering at a time of enormous investment … [Read more...]

Rafael pitches FLOATLINK for sub communications

When it comes to communicating to and from submarines, there’s nothing as impenetrable as ocean. Extremely low frequency radio transmissions will reach submerged submarines but are limited by very low data transmission rates. The best way for a submarine to send and receive communications is to rise to periscope depth, exposing a satellite communications aerial – potentially … [Read more...]