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BAE Systems selects Marand to manufacture turret shells for LAND 400

1434607077168BAE Systems Australia has awarded an additional package of LAND 400 work worth more than $15 million to Marand.

BAE Systems has selected Marand to manufacture the AMV35’s turret shell, which would be common to the LAND 400 Phase 2 combat reconnaissance vehicle and the Phase 3 infantry fighting vehicle, if its bid is successful.

The company previously announced that Marand would manufacture the AMV35 vehicle hulls.

“Marand has proved it has a skilled and experienced workforce ready to work with us to deliver a high-quality product for the Australian Army,” stated BAE Systems Australia chief executive Glynn Phillips.

“Working with partners like Marand will help us develop and maintain Australian industry capability on major projects like LAND 400.

“This opportunity will provide long-term employment, with up to 60 direct jobs at Marand; I expect a number of those will be former automotive employees.”