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Northrop Grumman to supply JTE EW training systems to Saudi Arabia

After the safe arrival and positioning of the United States Air Force Joint Threat Emitter at Bradshaw Field Training Area in the Northern Territory, Technical Sergeant Phil Mason and Royal Australian Air Force Flight Lieutenant Matt Rush pause and relax for a moment. *** Local Caption *** Exercise Diamond Storm, run by the Air Warfare Centre, is one of the practical components of the Air Warfare Instructors Course which graduates students who are experts in Australian Defence Force capabilities and integration across the services, and also have technical mastery of their own roles, capabilities and systems.

A USAF JTE array at Exercise Diamond Storm in 2017. (Defence)

Northrop Grumman Corporation has received a US$75m (A$96m) contract to supply Joint Threat Emitter (JTE) support services to Saudi Arabia.

The company says the JTE offers realistic warfighter training and provides a modern, reactive battlespace environment that trains military personnel to identify and counter enemy missile and artillery threats. It says JTE is a robust and ruggedised system that is easily relocated, reactive to aircrew/aircraft for fast-jet, fixed-wing and rotary-wing defensive measures, and can be rapidly reprogrammed with new threat parameters.

USAF JTE systems have been deployed to Australia for Exercises Pitch Black and Diamond Storm in recent years, and the system has been proposed to Australia to fulfil the ADF’s delayed JP 3021 mobile threat emitter project.