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Supashock developing suspension for Rheinmetall APCs

Fuchs 2 (002)


Adelaide company Supashock has launched a bid to design, develop and manufacture new suspension for a large number of Fuchs 2 armoured personnel carriers in service with the German Army.

The bid would see Supashock’s passive airassist dampers fitted to the Fuchs 2 which is manufactured by Rheinmetall Defence.

“We are strong believers in the technology that Supashock has developed as it will provide a step change in the performance of our vehicles and the Fuchs project is an exciting stage in our partnership,” Rheinmetall Defence Australia Managing Director Gary Stewart said in a statement. “This will deliver real benefits for the Australian economy through the accelerated generation of local jobs, while creating substantial export opportunities for Supashock.”

Managing Director and founder of Supashock, Oscar Fiorinotto added, “This is an example of how we can drive future growth and continue to create highly skilled, enduring jobs in South Australia while delivering significant performance improvements to customers in export markets.”

Rheinmetall says it approached Supashock in December with a number of issues presented by the existing Fuchs family of vehicles, and sought a proposal to improve the vehicles’ ride quality and handling characteristics.

In response, Supashock is developing a system that will deliver improvements in tactical mobility, dynamic handling particularly roll control and damping of pitch oscillations, vehicle and weapon station stability, load carrying capacity, and future growth potential.